Call or text 540-467-2766 to schedule
or email petscreaturecomfort@gmail.com

Do you charge per pet?
No! Pet Sitting visits are 30 minutes in length. The only time we would charge anything extra would be in the event that we could not get everything accomplished in that time frame. We would then suggest a longer visit at a prorated amount.

Can I contact you while I’m away to check on my pets?
Absolutely!! You can e-mail Creature Comfort or call to check on your pets.  We will also leave pet care notes for you to read upon your return home.

Do you board pets at your home?
No, we do not care for animals at our home.

What is your reservation policy? Can I make last minute reservations?
We accept reservations as early as you want to make them.  We will certainly try to accommodate last minute reservations.  However, we cannot guarantee availability at the last minute.  Since summer, holidays and weekends book quickly, it would be best to make your reservations as early as possible.  Give us a call at (540) 467-2766 and reserve your trip today.

What happens if I’m delayed returning home from my trip?
This is not a problem; weather happens and flights are delayed. We will continue service until we know that your pets are safely in your care again.

What areas do you provide service to?
We are currently servicing all of the Roanoke area including East Salem, Roanoke City and Roanoke County.

What will you do if my pet requires emergency veterinary care?
We would not hesitate to seek treatment immediately. A Veterinarian Release Form is a mandatory part of our pet care service agreement. It simply gives Creature Comfort the ability to act on your behalf in a medical emergency.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept personal checks and cash.

Do you charge extra for holiday service?
Creature Comfort does not add a holiday surcharge for any pet care services provided on holidays … because pets need TLC every day of the year!